T H E     A W E S O M E    C U B E
        a PIC based electronic project

The SUPER Awesome Cube is here!!!  Any color LED - anywhere on the cube!  Add SMT soldering to your checklist, as we have added 45 SMT resistors to the sides.  Also, the control board is now "notched" so that it can be put in place after all the LEDs are soldered.  Plus the control board comes ready for either a 10 pin header (MeLAbs programmer) or 6p6c telco jack (Microchip Pickit ).  and ... WE ARE NOW USING VERY COOL STRAW-HAT LEDS


*Super Awesome Cubes must be order in lots of 5 and are at the same price as the Original Awesome Cube ($39.95)  (Educator pricing)

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