The BEST electronics project kit available!  Created by an Electronics teacher!!  You can build this kit and PROGRAM the PIC microcontroller to create cool LED flashing patterns (or just use our program - it comes on the PIC). 
5 sides with 9 LEDs each side.  Super bright, cool straw hat 5mm LEDs.
You can get RED, BLUE, GREEN, WHITE, YELLOW,  ORANGE, or PINK LEDs  This kit comes with a switch, battery holder and terminal block so you can connect to USB or other 5V power supply.  Extra LEDs, resistors, and transistors include at no extra charge!
You should be an experienced solderer.  A 24 page COLOR manual is included.   You can see a copy of it here:  
Awesome Cube manual.  Construction tips videos and sample PIC BASIC PRO programs and a  FREE 8 video tutorial on PIC BASIC PRO are on my you tube channel  "superawesomecube." and at the link above. We always answer questions and provide help with the project. The AWESOME CUBE is used by high schools and colleges all over the USA!!!
There are Awesome Cubes now in TEN COUNTRIES!

 We have a very cool program on the chip so you don't have to program it unless you want to!

THE AWESOME CUBE - our "original" cube can be ordered with any one of seven color LEDs - BLUE, RED, ORANGE, GREEN, YELLOW, PINK, or WHITE!!