FREE software from MicroEngineering Labs​ ! (see link at the bottom of the page)

The Awesome Cube is equipped with a 10 pin header on the control board that connects to a programming device wired for ICSP (in circuit serial programming).

We use the PIC BASIC PRO compiler and a USB interface from MicroEngineering Labs that connects to the 10 pin header.  You can order both the software and programmer from us when you order the Awesome Cube kits.  With the purchase of the Awesome Cube you will also receive our free video tutorial for PIC BASIC PRO.  Our students have become proficient programmers just by watching this video and doing the exercises.  You will write and download to the cube dozens of subroutines - any LED pattern you can think of, you can program! 

The Awesome Cube is delivered with a final program already in place for customers that just want to build the cube and not program it at this time. The PIC is flash programmable- so you erase and rewrite over and over as you work!

for information on device programmers and the link to  PIC BASIC PRO click HERE